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Java Programming: Master the Link-List Data Structure [Udemy Free Course]

Udemy - Java Programming: Master the Link-List Data Structure
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  • Lectures24
  • Length3 hours
  • Skill LevelsBeginner Level
  • LanguagesEnglish
  • Published2/2017

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What Will I Learn?

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  • Code a linked list ADT implementation from scratch
  • Write efficient code used in manipulating linked lists
  • Tackle any exam question on linked lists
  • Thoroughly prepare for interview related linked lists questions
  • Debug any piece of java code

In this course, We are going to learn what a linked list is and how to implement one using Java programming. We would be coding real implementations of these data structures and solving problems with them using java. you would also learn how to debug your java code in an IDE
In addition to this, there would be a  lot of drawings to help you visualize and help you get comfortable with coding a linked list data structure. Now, because the materials in this course is put in such a way that an average person without a CS background but adequate knowledge in Java would easily master the material. You would also be comfortable enough to take these concept of visualization to other data structures like Hash Tables, Trees, Graphs and many other data structures.
The course has been designed to help tackle technical interview questions on linked-lists and college/curious students struggling to understand the concept. 24-hours assistance is provided to all students in need of help.

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