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Create React App in React js Tutorial and Flux Web Dev for Beginners [BitDegree Free Course]

Create React App in React js Tutorial and Flux Web Dev for Beginners [BitDegree Free Course]

The Ultimate Guide for Building Professional Web Apps with Facebook's React and Flux programmingBuddyClub

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This tutorial will teach you how to create React app with the most popular JavaScript library today. React is used by several companies to build and develop web applications. Welcome to the world of React and Flux!
React and Flux is a library maintained mostly by Facebook and other online developers in the developing community. There are other JS libraries but few can match React capabilities. After learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the jQuery library, your next step to building a real-time progressive web application is learning React!
Who can take this Course?
This Course is for Junior/budding Frontend Developers! For you to learn how to create React app, you require the basic knowledge of front-end. You must have prior experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Library in order to start this tutorial.
React is a minimalistic library and this is what makes it distinct from other libraries like Ember, Angular or Backbone.
Getting Started with React Tutorial
Why Learn React? React is the most popular and prevalent JS library. It has the highest rating and contributors on Github. It reduces complex JavaScript data and components into simpler codes. Create react app tutorial will deliver the beauty of programming in a simplified format. React developers are in great demands. They are among the highest paid in the web development industry. Once you have learned react and mastered it, you are on your way to becoming a programming ninja.
As a developer, you can easily create react app that stands the test of time and security. Also, a library maintained by Facebook will deliver a wealth of resources and update.
Getting started with the course
Course Content Reactjs tutorial will cover the basics of JavaScript, In-line React styling with JavaScript, parsing and managing JSON in React, React component and component nesting, react create an app, robust architectures with Reflux and flux.
Extra Features
Using the Chatroom The React flux tutorial comes with a community of 100,000+ developers across the world. This is the best community to be in. You will get recent updates, conference tickets, and solutions to challenges, feedback on error codes, Live help and support, technical assistance, job postings and so much more.
This is an addictive community with exciting daily updates. Do not focus only on the tutorial classes, join the community and enrich your coding experience with the create react app course.
What Will I Learn? • Basics of JavaScript • Simple Node and Express Servers • Robust Architectures with Flux and Reflux • HTTP Requests and managing data • React components and component nesting • Parsing and managing JSON in React • React create an app with real-time updates
R**equirements** • A PC or Laptop running on Windows 8+ or Mac • A coding platform such as VSCode, Atom, Sublime, etc • A GitHub or CodePen account (Recommended but not necessary)
You need to have prior experience in programming. You need to know the basics of programming before starting this class. The Reactjs tutorial is not intended for complete beginners with no prior coding experience.
  • Lectures -48
  • Skill Level -Beginner
  • Language - languages.
  • Published -9/2018
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Course Includes

  • Build reusable web components with React & flux
  • Use Flux & Reflux to manage your data in React
  • Build React websites that can work with data (ie for startups or products)
  • Build simple Node & Express servers to work with React
  • Make HTTP requests in React & Flux
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What Will I learn?

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  • ⚓ This React course can be taken on Windows, Linux, or OSX (Mac)

Who is the target audience?

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