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Programming Buddy Club is on as well

Good News! 

We are starting an open source publication on Medium. There is a lot of knowledge between this club and we want to share it further. 
Publication URL - - Make sure to follow it on Medium.

That being said, we invite each and every member of this club - students, teachers, content creators, bloggers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts to come together and share their knowledge.
We have published our first article in the publication and will love to know your feedback. Why did we write the article on "Title" of a blog? - The reason is, we want all our club members to contribute to writing more blog articles. Writing a title for a blog is step 1 of the process.
We hope you like the article. Please smash the claps on the article, so that we can reach more people.

Please share your feedback and comments. We will come up with a series of such articles that will help you write better stories for the club!

Happy Learning! Keep Sharing!

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