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Udemy Lifetime Access - Any Udemy course for a lifetime - Explained

Udemy Lifetime Access - Any Udemy course for a lifetime - Explained

Udemy is a popular platform where you can purchase online learning material and up your skills. Udemy has been constantly advertising about its lifetime access to the courses! In this article, I will be clarifying all the questions you may have in regards to enrolling for a course on Udemy and it's lifetime access.

Before even we start getting into the questions, I hope you know that Udemy can be accessed on pretty much any online platform that you can think of. Mobile, laptop, desktop, iPhone, Android, windows and probably more will be added as the platforms develop. So, if you haven't already, make sure to download the apps on the respective platform to take full advantage of the Udemy platform.

There are many questions I and students like me had about the lifetime access on Udemy, let us look at them in detail.

Will I have lifetime access to the course even after I complete it?
The answer is yes, Udemy basically lets you access the course material once you sign up. So, even if you have completed your course, you have access to the course for the lifetime. In fact, if you wish to take the course again or just review/revise a portion of the course, that is also very much doable. The only thing that I have noticed is getting to the course. Just because I have been enrolling in a lot of courses through the Programming Buddy club, I usually have to search for the course I had previously taken. It rarely shows up in my recent courses, as I keep enrolling in new courses almost every day.

I got the Udemy course on sale, will I still have lifetime access to the Udemy course?

Yes, you will have access to the course. If you have enrolled for a course, which means you have paid an amount for the course, you will have access to the course for the lifetime. As per Udemy's guidelines for the instructors, the lowest they sell the course for is $9.99 in the USA and I have seen them selling for Rupees 360 in India, which is close to $5. It depends on which country you are from. In addition, you can always enroll for a course for free on Programming buddy club

I got the Free Udemy Course, will I still have lifetime access to the Udemy course?

Yes, It really doesn't matter how much you paid for a course, as long as you enroll it, your lifetime access to the courses is confirmed. That is the beauty of our website Programming Buddy Club, there are more than 10,000 courses that our students have enrolled in.

What happens if the instructor removes the course from the platform? Will I still have access to the course?

There are 2 scenarios, where a course will be removed from the Udemy platform:

  1. Udemy as a platform has thousands of courses in many languages from hundreds of instructors, there is a very good possibility that an instructor course will remove the course from the Udemy's platform. Ultimately, it is the instructor who owns the rights to the course material. Udemy is just a platform that helps them sell the course for a commission. So, there are scenarios when the instructor decides to change the platform where they offer the course or their course may be banned from Udemy's platform. This has happened to one of my instructor friends where his course was banned from the platform due to the use of copyright material. So, in this scenario, your lifetime access is not really lifetime access. In such scenarios, it is recommended to contact Udemy and ask for a refund.
  2. Scenario 2 is when the instructor pauses any future sale by making the public Udemy course to Private. It could because the instructor is not able to keep the course up to date and may pause the future sale. This only means that the course will no longer be available for anyone who hasn't enrolled. But will always be available for anyone who has enrolled in the course in it's lifetime.
So, the bottom line is, you will have access to your enrolled Udemy courses as long as the instructor decides to host the course on Udemy's platform.

Does Udemy offer Lifetime membership for individual or business?
Udemy is more like an e-commerce website that sells digital products, in this scenario, online training material. So, there is no lifetime membership for Udemy. However, you can sign up for a business account with Udemy and pay a monthly subscription fee to access a set of their top courses. Please note, not all instructors or courses may be included for the business account. Udemy usually filters the courses based on the quality of the course.

Do Udemy courses expire?
No, once you enroll in a course, the course will be in your list of courses unless the instructor decides to not host their course on Udemy's platform.

That was pretty much all the information you may need around Udemy's claim to Lifetime access to courses on their platform.

If you have any more questions, do let us know in the comments below and we will be happy to address your questions and moreover add your questions to the above list if needed.

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Happy Learning!
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