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whatsapp - Programming Groups by Programming Buddy Club!

Most of our Whatsapp groups are full - If you want to interact with other programming buddies, join us on our Telegram and Facebook groups.

Join our Daily broadcast list on WhatsApp - https://chat.whatsapp.com/Dvn0CF5K2Je7zZjTe3lARZ

Use the link to join the main Programming Buddy Club group

Group is Full? - Try to join specific groups of interest - Join one of the focused groups.


Anyone who is interested in being an Admin, please fill out this form.

Every Admin, needs to be Legit, so please fill out the attached form. After validating your information, I will be making you the admin of the group you requested. You will also have direct access to all the other admins of the groups.


Make sure to a good moderator for some of the rules we have already laid down. I am very happy to discuss, any rule or add more rule. We are in this together. 🙂

Group Rules:
1) Anyone who is posting/messaging, needs to have a name in Whatsapp
2) Do not post tutorials here! Videos or Images here.
3) No surveys, no job offers! No Links to websites (unless educational) 
4) No fights, foul language, ill treating anyone - Everyone should talk to others with respect and dignity.
5) English will be the preferred language of communication. Please avoid using other languages.
6) Try to join respective groups, as every whatsapp group has a limit.

Here are some. I can think of as group rules

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